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8501 N.W. 90th Street
Medley, FL  33166-2187

Contact :       David Bailey, Network Admn.
        Harold Bailey , Pres., Engrg., R & D Mgr.
Phone :       (305) 696-8660     FAX:   (305) 693-1237
Email :       E-mail this company
Web Site :       www.lawson-industries.com
SIC :   3442 , 3231
NAICS :   332321 , 327215

Products, Services, Brand & Trade Names:
Glass Windows, Sliding Glass Doors, Single Hung Windows, Picture Windows, Patio Doors, French Doors, Horizontal Rolling Windows, Sliding Doors, Lawson Windows, Lawson Doors, Impact Doors, Impact Windows

Services and Solutions

Lawson Windows offers unparalleled service and quality

Featured Product
Welcome to Lawson Windows

From start to finish, every Hurricane Guard® product made by Lawson Industries and every non-impact product has been designed, manufactured and tested with one goal in mind: To provide superior aluminum doors and windows to designers, home builders and homeowners.

We achieve this by taking “quality control” to a new level. Our superior product performance criteria is based on higher standards of code compliance; comprehensive product comparisons; and extensive testing done on-site at our test lab in Medley, Florida.

Over 40 years of experience in the industry has taught us how to consistently produce “clean” products with a crisp, clear finish. Our design and engineering staff is comprised of serious career professionals who pride themselves on product innovation and evolution. That means that our products are easier to install, because they feature a removable sash. It means that they are available in a variety of glass and frame colors, because that is what our customers want. Our designers and engineers are constantly working on innovations and manufacturing processes that put us ahead of the pack.

And only Lawson Industries provides customers with a complete package – products, delivery and installation – from one reliable source. Our customer service is second to none – and having our own truck fleet means that you can rely on on-time delivery of your order. Since 1962, Lawson Industries has consistently evolved into nothing less than an experienced and reliable industry leader on the basis of performance, quality and service. Now’s the time to see for yourself why our latest Hurricane Guard® technology is “Stronger. Safer. Smarter."

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Installation Services

Lawson products sold directly to established builders are installed by our professional installers through our strategically located branches to serve you best.This capability assures you that our fine quality windows and doors, when placed in your homes, will perform to your customer’s satisfaction. In addition, as one of South Florida’s oldest and largest window and door manufacturers, our warranty extends to you the confidence that goes with our name, through 40 years of continued reliable service.



Lawson Services: Load Cell Testing

Load cell: A device that measures tensile loads. It is used in our in-house testing facility to evaluate the structural strength of various product components.

Lawson Services: Load Cell Testing

Bender: Our programmable bender with its computerized control unit is used to manufacture designer fixed lites having multiple bends of differing radii using a continuous (uncut) length of extrusion.

Lawson Service: Water Piping Grids

Leakage: Water piping grid for field water leakage testing of our products.

Lawson Services: Field Engineers Testing Installation

Leakage: A vacuum assembly for field water leakage testing of (in this case) a sliding glass door. This device combined with the water spray from the grid in photo above are used to simulate storm conditions, and test products on site.

Products About Us Product Catalog
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